Hey Everyone!

Lets get acquainted shall we? My name is Lauren Neely. I am currently a student at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. Majoring in how to get carpal tunnel or better known as Drawing and Illustration, BFA.

I have been making or creating something in some form since I can remember. I’ve been in and out of academia for some time now and finally figured I might as well send as much time as I can developing and growing in one of the things I am most enthusiastic about, ART!

I am still trying to find my way as a growing Illustrator, but in the last year I have really been focusing on more of what I would consider my fine art work. A few semesters ago I took a silkscreen class (which was amazing). I discovered that I like print making, but do not necessarily have to patients for it. The one thing I loved about silkscreen was the way in which you have to breakdown your image and layer shapes and color to create a complete image. What I wanted was a way to bring that aspect of layers into my drawings. While doing research I came across a technique of using mylar (which are semi-transparent polyester film sheets) and epoxy resin. Ever since I have been working on creating what I call “Resin Drawings.”

Currently I have been focusing on using myth, folklore, animals, and symbols to create images which are mysterious, semi-unclear, and ghostly. Giving the viewer hints at these shallow spaces for meaning and wonder.


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